The fashion world is constantly evolving so we often change our look or, out of fear, we prefer to stick to a sober or traditional style that doesn't always enhance our qualities.


What we wear reflects our nature and shapes the impression we make.


The services of an image consultant will help you to communicate what you are and what represents you.


The task of the image consultant is to create the perfect image for us. This entails creating tailor-made outfits embodying the traits of the people wearing them, so they can feel at ease and more beautiful.
The job consists in creating a specific image capable of enhancing the strong points and concealing any defects of the customer, to make the latter appear impeccable in any work-related or social situation.


Wearing the right colours makes us appear more beautiful and gratifies us.
Thanks to a specific analysis, the image consultant is able to improve your appearance by relying on your characteristics and personal taste. He/she will devote special care in helping you to create a coordinated image that enhances your beauty using the colours most suited to you.
You can organise your shopping more efficiently thanks to the personal colour palette you will receive free-of-charge at the end of the colour analysis.


Studying the face and its typical colours will help to make it more beautiful. Assessing facial features is crucial for creating an appropriate look - easily reproducible by the customer - that enhances personal traits and colours, while bestowing a fresh appearance on the face and concealing any minor imperfections or signs of ageing.
In turn, this will simplify the choice of make-up, hairstyle and the proper accessories to be worn on the various occasions.


The aim of this activity is to create harmonious forms. The essence of this phase consists in analysing body forms, balancing the various proportions and concealing defects.
In this way, the image consultant will strike a balance between the customer's physiognomic characteristics, style and colours that enhance his/her appearance and self-esteem.


Creating a suitable wardrobe is the goal of this phase. The fashion world is constantly evolving and our efforts to be trendy and up-to-date often lead us to purchase too many products, which often turn out to be unsuitable or unnecessary. Wardrobe analysis helps us to create a functional set of garments so that we can easily match different items without any errors. This will help to easily and instantly identify the right outfit for the various occasions.


The Personal Shopper is a purchasing guide. An expert, dynamic and efficient person entrusted with your shopping needs whenever you lack the time, desire or ideas to shop personally.
The PS purchases on a request basis or accompanies the customer directly on an organised tour, by selecting the most suitable shops and offering advice for the various purchases. The consulting service is aimed at people and companies alike: its goal is to drastically save time and money while taking care of the customer's needs, without neglecting current trends.


› IMAGE CONSULTANCY: programme based on colour, facial and figure analysis. Lots of bon ton advice.

› WARDROBE ORGANISATION: creating an ordered space where you can keep your clothes and compose outfits quickly and easily.

› LUGGAGE ORGANISATION: selection of outfits for work trips.

› ON-LINE CONSULTANCY: web-cam assistance for creating outfits.


› SHOPPING TOUR: a whole day dedicated to the client, accompanying them to local shops and outlets to look for the object of their desires.

› SHOPPING BY COMMISSION: satisfying the needs of the most demanding and busiest clients, who can commission the purchase of their desired goods.

› SHOPPING FOR THE IDEAL GIFT: guidance in choosing and purchasing the ideal gift based on the specific circumstances and person involved.

› SHOPPING FOR CEREMONIES AND GALA EVENINGS: tips for choosing the perfect outfit for a special occasion or ceremony. Advice in choosing the most suitable dress, accessories, hairstyle and make up. 


› COMPANY IMAGE CONSULTANCY: Support for companies in the assessment and creation of a uniform image in the clothing and attitude of company personnel.

› COMPANY SHOPPING ASSISTANCE: help in choosing and purchasing the most suitable gifts for customers and employees.



In order to provide a complete range of services, we collaborate with
qualified professionals.

Professional make up artist with 15 years experience, specialised in make up for television,
 photography, theatre and film. Cosmetologist and make up artist.

Beauty specialist.












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